The Value of Fighting for the most Important Things

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The situation of being about to fall into the void has never happened to me, but it is something that continues to haunt my mind. When you are about to fall into the void and the only thing that can hold you is a rope that is tied to something firm, it is the only element that can save your life.

In my case, this is something like this. Let me explain.

For a long time I reached the end of that rope as if I had grease in my hands. I didn’t fight. I was not standing firm in my convictions. Even, I always let myself fall thinking that I was always going to fall in a soft place. And that was my mistake, I always kept believing that nothing would happen if I fell.

I was so mistaken.

I didn’t realize how much fighting for things was worth. I understood that everything has an associated effort. When you are at the limit of your rope, the only way to survive is to hold on to that end of the rope, and find a way to tie a knot so as not to let go. But … What is your rope tied to?

For many years, my rope was always tied to twigs, which were not solidly planted, or to a toothpick on the edge of the cliff. However, I got to the point the it was too many broken twigs. I have had too many soft falls. Now is when the heart learns, learns to fight, to stay there, to keep fighting for what your heart longs for. In my case, today I tied that rope to God. Does this mean that God does all the work? NOT AT ALL!!!

That means that one end of my rope is tied to the strongest thing on the planet. To something that is immovable, that is so well planted that it is impossible for it to move. The different part, is what happens on the other side of the rope. The first part is done. Now comes the difficult part: Climbing the rope.

You are at a point where all your weight, your past, your mistakes, your lies, your loneliness, your unfinished dreams, your fears, your emotions, etc. YOUR EVERYTHING is hanging from a rope, and it’s up to you to work with that weight to climb that same rope.

What does this mean? No, you can’t just drop that weight just like that. You have to learn how to drop that weight without falling. In my case it began with a gym (to strengthen me physically and return to my normal weight), accompanied by a Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist to achieve to be who I am physically. And no, that’s not all, that, and willpower was the first thing to start the process of climbing the rope.

Then came the mental part. Learn to be myself, to be vulnerable again, to live that outside there is nothing to fear, to trust God, and above all, to learn to Wait. Learn with specialists, add a psychologist and a psychiatrist, add counselors. That’s the hard part, and no, you can’t play the victim by blaming others. You fell, you are clinging to that end of the rope, the mistakes were yours, nobody else’s. It’s up to you to make the effort and climb the rope. You can get mad at everyone, you can kick, you can ignore the process, you can stay on the rope as long as you want, but you will still not reach the top. You will simply be left with nothing.

That’s where you have to be brave. Learn from your mistakes, accept that the mistake were yours, and that this climb, no matter how difficult it may be, is part of what God wants to do with you. Finally, it is that climb that tires your muscles, tires your mind, you have that voice telling you to let go, that nothing will happen, but in the end you keep going because you trust that you can achieve everything, since your rope is based on the firmer thing there is.

You are going to get tired, your muscles are going to tear, your emotions are going to skyrocket, your fears, your pessimism, the “I can’t” is going to manifest itself in all possible ways. But there you are, there is your conviction. You know that the climb is worth it, and you know that what you will find at the top may be uncertain, but you will have perfected yourself throughout the climb nonetheless. You will have strengthened, you will have learned, and above all else, you will apretiate the things not to be wrong again.

This is my process. This is my rope climb. This is the time that I am passing, that despite being difficult, and seeing it completely impossible every day, I trust, hope and know that my rope is planted in God, and no matter how much I get tired, weak, depressed or feel alone, I have the clarity that I will reach the top. That is my conviction. That is my goal. Everything will be for a good ending. Everything will be for the best.

If God is nailed with the rope on one side, then I’m going to make it up that rope, whatever it takes, no matter what. I will not give up, the prize is worth everything.

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